Sunday, July 8, 2007

What Sri Aurobindo had in mind was human unification

The exoteric-esoteric history of the Indian subcontinent, and the evolution of a united South Asia as a symbol for world-reconstruction: Another area I’m interested in is the historical evolution of the Indian subcontinent, both from an exoteric and an esoteric perspective. What are the spiritual roots of this subcontinent, how has it conceived of gender, sexuality, and social order, and how was it affected by the Islamic and British invasions? Moreover, what truth is there to the Aryan Invasion Theory, and why is it that this theory is surrounded by so much politicization, both on the part of its proponents and its opponents? What is the truth behind the 1947 partition of India when the British colonizers left? And finally, is there any hope of a united South Asia — Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka forming a confederation or consortium — and could such a union become a model for world-reconstruction?
How scientific knowledge ties in with spirituality in general: While I don’t think science can ever “prove” the existence of Spirit, we can see how it provides clues and pointers, and how exoteric science ties in with esoteric knowledge. Here I’m primarily interested in cosmology, astronomy, models of cosmic evolution, and so on. I also want to see how much of the scientific method can be applied to occult and esoteric realms of Reality. For Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the actual scientific method could be retained and applied systematically to develop a proper esoteric science.
The occult roots of Nazism and the rise of Hitler: A controversial topic! The Nazis didn’t just employ junk science to support their regime and tactics, they also employed junk mysticism. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother saw Hitler as an embodiment of tremendous evil. Even though many Indians at the time were supporting Hitler due to his opposition to the British, Sri Aurobindo was perceptive enough to insist that the Indian government support the British in their battle against Hitler, because what he had in mind was human unification, not merely Indian independence. Posted by ned on July 8, 2007. Filed under Notes and Speculations. the stumbling mystic God shall grow up . . . while the wise men talk and sleep.

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