Saturday, August 4, 2007

Naveen Patnaik found to be most insensitive to people and their problems

From: "Sachi Satapathy" Subject: Naveen Patnaik should step down as CM Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 10:08:12 +0530
Dear All,
Greetings. Orissapolitics Platform is engaged in couple of things since last several days. I have made a huge progress in our initiative on Farmers Report Card. We are close to finalise a detailed concept paper, before moving towards our most important and ambitious project on engaging with our farmers for the first time. We are preparing a model, where at least thousands farmers dream and demand will be taken care by the project from time to time in the long rum. Secondly, I was also closely interacting with a few top central political leaders, in transmitting Orissa's sentiment to some of the pressing issues. After getting a formal commitment from these leaders, I will be in a position to make it public in the forum.

But most worrying fact before all of us is the detorating situation of Orissa in all terms with the present political establishment, particularly its casual approach to Orissa's people in all terms. We are continuously engaged in the forum to make our governance system to accept and respect public opinion. But unfortunately, the present government keep on working to see the smile in the face of MNC.

The beauty of our democratic system proves several times in the past that no establishment can continue for long if it is seen to pursue narrow interests and insensitive to the concern of the poorest of the poor, who are the real power holders of this greatest democracy. And Mr Naveen Patnaik found to be most insensitive to people and their problems. Mr. Patnaik cannot even speak Oriya, and being sensitive towards the concern of poor is a distance fact. Particularly the social insensitiveness of the present government has increased disparities and raised tension. As you know, politics has a particular duty to those in need but present chief minister's approach in taking politics as a matter of accident has made Orissa, therefore, to wait for anything in accident.
Has the present government put any effort at any level to increase the standard of living of the people ? It is rather always taken an easy approach in handing over everything to company and want everything to be done by POSCO, Vedant etc. Politics may be the art of the possible. But a leader has to choose the most difficult way because it is the right path. Why then people have elected you as their representative to stand for them in the time of crisis. But government itself engaged in createing all present crises. The present approach will slowly take people of Orissa to be more obliged to the company rather the government and there may be a demand to make the POSCO representatives as chief minister of Orissa.

Occupying high political position on the basis of dynasty principle is unhealthy for democracy. It is not wrong if Naveen Patnaik chose to step down and any other person capable enough is elected to take over the helm of affairs, as nothing seems good in the present set of political circumstances. The way Mr Patnaik is taking the approach of coercion and cynical manipulation of popular sentiment and public opinion, it is moving towards a great disaster. The present failure in the health department is just an example. I personally have seen the functioning of public hospitals in all most all parts of Orissa and have been to hundred hospitals . How corruption has made the withdrawal of investment in this sector is really unfortunate. I have all proof from my own eye, what I saw the way money is invested and kind of out benefit, people are getting, which is hardly acceptable. Sachi
-- Sachi Satapathy Consultant, World Bank (OHSDP Evaluation) Coordinator, Orissa Politics Platform (For Details Log on to ) Editor, Orissa Vision 2020 and Youth Vision 2020 Winner, Infosys Young Achiever's Award-2005 Mobile-(0)9901307460

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