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Darwinian atheism is also a religion

Ha ha. But to tell you the truth, I am FED UP of India being OBSESSED with religion. I cannot fathom this beyond a point. It is a crazy, all-consuming obsession. The real minority are the Darwinian atheists, and no one gives a damn for them. https://t.co/Mlt4d0rmFV
Sick of religion yes. But you have no choice - you cannot possibly survive with Muslims and Christian converts around you unless you highlight or forego your identity which you never cared for otherwise. It was our Christian neighbors who told my child that she was a Hindu.
Darwinian atheism is also a religion when is steps out of strict confines of biological research. Eugenics after all is Darwinism applied to social sphere. It doesn't have a pretty history.
Disagree. What you say is true but it is because of a terrible misreading of Darwinism, and in the domain of Social Darwinism, that ironically Darwin warned against but of course he didn't coin this phrase. Communist atheism is a kind of religion, not Darwinian atheism.
Darwinian atheism is a religion too as it relies on belief in its various postulates leaving its followers blind when it comes to understanding life and universe. In contrast Sri Aurobindo's Integral evolution theory has a meta framework that explains a lot more.
Seriously: read #Aurobindo on #Darwin’s limitations. He gets Darwin totally & then reveals its totally unconscious & flawed construct. BTW, SA insights have great relevance in totally clueless debates re GMO/genetics. @nntaleb should dig into it.
cc @RachelsNews @drvandanashiva
I suggest Ranga Sir to read ‘Hints of self culture’ written by Ghadar fame Lala Hardayal, this classic volume deals with different subjects and how to apply them on human life, @unityarvind Sir has written a great article on this topic of Darwinism by referring this book. https://t.co/HcXgDj7BVE

Sri Aurobindo's musings on the League of Nations prior to its formation https://t.co/2cFME4y3us

Science and technology made a steady progress during their lifetime (1872-1973), but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo remained steadfast in their reliance on self-culture for all changes including transformation of the body. Besides, they took enough pains to write to subvert narrative
[The Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo’s gospel of Divine Life is there enshrined in his vast body of literature. The Teachings of the Mother are there amply explained in her Writings and Talks which are happily growing year by year.] M.P. Pandit Breath of Grace https://t.co/GHKCPefzrv
Savitri Era Religious Fraternity: Books on disciples of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother https://t.co/7ZHCou8IYW By M.P. Pandit, Krishna Chakravarti, Shyam Kumari, Sunayana Panda, and Anie Nunnally: Some must read books for the admirers, followers, and devotees of #SriAurobindo.

Plasim Radar

Life Inside the Global Brain: Nationalism and Transnationalism - In a faux pas now become somewhat infamous, a hapless Flat Earther once boasted that they had “members all around the globe”. A good many people were enter...

Savitri Satsang 088 pp. 154-157 - A weekly sharing on Savitri by Dr Alok Pandey (an audio recording in English). The post Savitri Satsang 088 pp. 154-157 appeared first on AuroMaa.

A True Spiritual Means of Regenerating the Vital Being of Man - The unregenerate vital nature is the cause of much pain and suffering, both for the individual and for the society. The society tries to gain control over...

Dravid's ten string lyre - Wine's Red Sea un-parted by her Dance or the Muse's Memory is Miriam alone- Chance its own Eleusis. May Dravid's ten string lyre Tune Iyer to Pariah.

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Sri Aurobindo and the Nobel Prize - Dear Friends, Deeply impressed by Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine, Sir Francis Younghusband had nominated Sri Aurobindo’s name for the Nobel Prize in Liter...

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Sri Aurobindo's theo-political reconfiguration of Hinduism - The Making of an Avatar: Reading Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872–1950) | Wolfers | Religions of South Asia - Equinox eBooks Publishing - Equinox Publishing https...

Impossible to overestimate the importance of Sri Aurobindo - Tusar Nath MohapatraJanuary 18, 2017 8:13 PM [emotions are directly tied to our actions... Emotions, then, are creative.] https://qz.com/887524/forget-sto...

My original contributions to understanding Sri Aurobindo - My original contributions to understanding or interpreting Sri Aurobindo can be summarised under a number of heads: 1) Against Hindutva, Mythology, & Astro...

Physics is the key for prosperity - As India enters elite space league with 'Mission Shakti' A-SAT the, here's why it's is a gamechanger for the nation #IndiaSpaceSuperPower https://t.co/MBeNS..

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Sovereignty for the States of Pakistan and India

The Collectivist Mystique and the Rise of the Totalitarian State https://t.co/Tv6nH0DMWo

Read the genesis of Swadeshi as a weapon of mass movement - through the genius of Aurobindo Ghosh. He was a remarkable mind.  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU
Heard of Bepin Chandra Pal ? The leader of the extremist faction of Indian National Congress. He played a major role in reversing the partition of Bengal along with Aurobindo Ghosh. He was a Hindu Bengali from Sylhet who worked towards freedom from Calcutta https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU
Boycott of foreign goods was the cornerstone of the Non Cooperation Movement of Gandhi. It was devised as a devastating tool of mass movement by Aurobindo Ghosh in 1905. The concept recurred in Indic ethos locally in several places long back. Read:  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU
In a few years in which he was active politically, Aurobindo Ghosh galvanized the freedom movement and left inspirational, logical writings that inspired an entire generation of revolutionaries after him. He was the pioneer of the freedom movement  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU
Hindu Bengali revolutionaries pursued the British everywhere within and outside India. What Aurobindo Ghosh started, Subhas Chandra Bose finished. We write how they helped organize revolutionary efforts in deep South India. Read  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU
And Gandhi Ji was an out & out British & big business stooge, racist and misogynist, as we have argued in series of our articles on him. But yes statement of fact - Marwaris, Gujaratis supported Gandhi Ji with all their money power https://t.co/c636xTMEhS
Read how the genius of Aurobindo Ghosh wove together the entire set of civil disobedience tools that the Indian civilisation possessed into a mass movement that would ultimately force the British to capitulate on the Partition of Bengal. https://t.co/nMOvB15B1U

The story of young Indu Bhushan Roy hanging himself in his cell because he refused to, any longer, be subjected to barbaric treatment; the valiant and irrepressible Ullaskar Dutt turning insane because of extreme torture and insult; and the intellectually alive and sensitive Upendranath Banerjee, among others, tied to the kolulike cattle and forced to turn the oil press; and the likes of Ram Rakha, Baba Prithvi Singh, Trailokyanath Chakravarty, Barindra Kumar Ghose, Bhai Parmanand, all of whom endured extreme hardship, are chapters that need repeated recounting. By: January 17, 2019Articles

[My great-great-grandfather, Upendra Nath Banerjee, was a revolutionary in the group that Sri Aurobindo led. He was one of the principal members, along with Sri Aurobindo’s younger brother, Barindra Kumar Ghosh.] By Dr. Anirban Ganguly @anirbanganguly https://t.co/5YRZIdGeD3

Key Note address on 'Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Higher Education in Bengal' by Dr @anirbanganguly, Director, @spmrfoundation in Vidyasagar Hall, organised by The Asiatic Society, Kolkata. https://t.co/dsx932VAHX
Landed in Dhaka, looking forward to addressing students at the historic Dhaka University this evening...India's vision of the neighbourhood driven by PM Modi's vision of a shared zone of prosperity is the way forward...recalcitrant nations will fall by the wayside... #NewIndia

People appreciate spirituality from a practical angle | Auroville https://t.co/UkUZcnrzOe [Govt. of India appointed Dr K. Parameswaran, Associate Professor of Law and Dean of Gujarat National Law University in Gandhinagar as Member of the Governing Board of Auroville Foundation.]

9.6.71 "The disappearance of Pakistan is inevitable; it should have already happened but human ignorance has delayed it." 18.12.71 Agenda
"I’ve seen how. It won’t be done through a battle: the different parts of Pakistan will demand separation. There are five of them." The Mother https://t.co/nI7HLU261Y

24) Resolving disputes in Calcutta:
In 1903, #SriAurobindo took one month's leave from 22nd Feb. onward. The reason for the leave was to patch up the differences that had arisen b/w Jatin & Barin at Calcutta.
Barin & others were not too happy with Jatin's disciplinarian nature: https://t.co/JOyx4mztKY

Savitri Era Religious Fraternity: Twelve petals represent the twelve powers of the Mother https://t.co/0J7GITlsOb 1. Sincerity 2. Humility 3. Gratitude 4. Perseverance 5. Aspiration 6. Receptivity 7. Progress 8. Courage 9. Goodness 10. Generosity 11. Equality 12. Peace #Auroville

Two notable polyglots were Indian Philosopher Sri Aurobindo and former Indian Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, who knew over 10 languages each. https://t.co/MohL9Rkh6I

Aurora Mirabilis: Sri Aurobindo was an unparalleled genius and visionary https://t.co/n3xkOgAGPN @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra, SELF, #SavitriEra #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #Auroville 51st anniversary

When Sri Aurobindo, Tilak, and others were fighting against British rule, it wasn't against Christianity or conversion but Savarkar and Golwalkar were able to create a mass antipathy against Islam. So much so that the Mandir issue is less for a home for Ram than hounding Muslims.
There's no threat to anyone living in a free country like India but whenever Hindu unity or pride is invoked it's invariably directed against Islam if not Muslims apart from mobilising votes or funds. The States of Pakistan as well as India being granted Sovereignty is the answer

Savitri Era Open Forum: The single most intellectually gifted freedom fighter is Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/aqnYqqNSiW [Dawn Fire - Visit https://t.co/0RdlRtsHka to watch recording, made on 28th Feb, 2019, of Amphitheater dawnfire gathering for celebrating Auroville birthday.]

53. In brief unlike Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi had passionately rejected the British project of Westernizing India.
54. But he had rejected the intellectual premises of much of Western civilization first.
71. The British systematized us as 'Hindus', let us worship our own gods, but in our own caste traditions and not Vedic traditions (they totally discouraged Sanskrit learning) and systematized and guaranteed the caste status.
78. The secular successors to the British took this to a higher degree and under Mandal commission perfected the 'class' grouping into Forward castes, Backward Castes, Other Backward Castes, Most Backward Castes and Scheduled Castes.

Marketime: Sri Aurobindo coalesced native ideas into devastating tools of mass movements https://t.co/3khhAJRGvx @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra, SELF, #SavitriEra #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #Auroville

Let Modi be the last PM of India and get Nobel Prize for granting Sovereign status to the States by dissolving the Centre.

Granting Sovereignty to the States to manage their own affairs, including Foreign affairs, is the most appropriate solution to all problems the country is facing today. People must prepare for this futuristic measure by abdicating the grand narrative of an unusually large nation.

Plain & Simple:English of Savitri series by Shraddhavan https://t.co/g5XlLitEwl [Mirra Alfassa's quest for spiritual fulfillment inspired her to traverse oceans and seas to reach India which was considered the fountainhead of mysticism] https://t.co/kEMwuXgS22 #Auroville #Savitri

One meets so many ek se badhkar ek experts on all topics from war to wc on Twitter that it's intimidating sometimes with a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. Invoking Sri Aurobindo however compensates to some extent [hound of heaven or Dakshina whose function is to discern rightly] https://t.co/9viBDQkDC5

It is absurd that religions - which have no idea about evolution, tectonic plates, or in fact anything at all - are still influential.

While Modi brigade is drum-beating about #Abhinandancomingback nobody is willing to even acknowledge the greatest population bomb that is exploding within India with EVERY political party, including "Hindu" BJP, helping to accelerate the spreading of the cancer. https://t.co/e2TSdEtbiA

Semitic Christianity is but a siamese twin of Islam. The Enlightenment that modern West is truly built upon has in it the power to overcome Islam though, just like it did Christianity. https://t.co/kEcdLaSzmi

So, you are seeing some virtue in secularism? And what's the roadmap? Islam will pervade Europe before being annihilated? Seems interesting. And, the riddle of "a child shall destroy her" remains! @singh_shreepal #SriAurobindo

[Conversations hold a lot of power. They make intentions clear, establish bonds between you and others, and can make or break a first impression when you meet someone new; can make you seem smart, foolish, warm, distant, bold, shy, or anything in between.] https://t.co/TNvKn3Rmt5

What is the nature of human existence in the world? What should philosophy be concerned with as a discipline? Philosopher Simon Critchley introduces us to the landscape of continental philosophy (via @fivebooksphil) https://t.co/wEofnxb8fZ

From gene therapy to frozen corpses, some scientists are starting to think death might be reversible. But Heidegger famously thought life's transience gave it meaning. Does our fear of death prevent us from living fully? https://t.co/b6x8fRlEd4

Physicists have gathered evidence that space-time can behave like a fluid. Is space not as immaterial as we thought? @skdh examines the evidence https://t.co/wIGQb9DXul

“Exposing the legacy of patriarchy and white supremacy is the undergirding impulse of my work”
@Princeton Professor @imaniperry, this year's winner of the @PENamerican Prize for Biography, on African American History. #readinglist https://t.co/ZxGOi9wjef

ANNOUNCING: Swadeshi Indology Conference in Bangalore on how Carnatic music is being secularized & Christianized. 

"Robert Goldman vs. Gita Press" - Nityanand Misra
Robert Goldman is considered the most prestigious Sanskrit scholar of the past 50 years in the Western academy. This is the first part of a 3-part series in which Nityanand Misra dissects Goldman's translations of Ramayana. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

It's ridiculous to ignore progress

Begun "Capitalism Without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy" by Jonathan Haskell & Stian Westlake.
This book has good reviews, I'm looking fwd to learning more about how nations' economies, norms of accounting & capitalism itself has evolved in the past three decades... https://t.co/HsZCoferQt
"Over the years intangible investment steadily increased. Tangible investment as a proportion of the economy grew slower & in some cases decreased. In the US, it looks like intangible investment got the better of tangible investment by the mid 1990s. In the UK, by the late 1990s" https://t.co/5iybc1Njk0
"These differences across countries seem to line up with intuition. Broadly, the Mediterranean countries are at the bottom of the intangible investment pack, with the Nordics, the United States and UK being at the top, & the rest of continental Europe in the middle." https://t.co/5iybc1Njk0
"It also seems intangible investment as a fraction of GDP is higher in more developed countries. Per capita expenditure on brands is 1% of GDP in the US, but only about 0.1% in China." https://t.co/5iybc24UIA
"Smaller markets, eg. countries surrounded by trade barriers, would be less attractive places to make intangible investment. This can be shown by the share of GDP accounted for by intangible investment, plotted against the OECD index of restrictiveness of trade in services." https://t.co/5iybc24UIA
"The objection to treating training as an intangible investment is not that it's not valuable or lasting, but that it is an asset of the employee, not of the firm. {But in some specialised cases, training is specific to the firm (say in proprietary systems) that is not portable}" https://t.co/5iybc24UIA
"A business that is reliant on intangibles will behave differently from a business with mainly tangible assets. Managers and workers will face different incentives and rewards. And an economy made up of many such businesses will perform in distinctive ways." https://t.co/5iybc24UIA
"If we want to incr productive investment in ideas, we shd encourage interdisciplinarity: casual exchanges btwn ppl working in diffrt fields & diverse places. These exchanges happen a lot in large, walkable cities w/plenty of public spaces & opportunities for social interactions" https://t.co/5iybc1Njk0

Begun "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think" by @HansRosling @OlaRosling & @AnnaRRonnlund
Seems to be in the mould of @sapinker's books, and has received high reader reviews. https://t.co/gbrnyDRBkd
"What are people thinking when they say the world is getting worse? They aren't thinking, but feeling. If you feel uncomfortable with data showing world improving, it's bcz thr are still huge problems & it feels ridiculous.
I agree. But it's just as ridiculous to ignore progress" https://t.co/v3IQT7osQW
"Almost every activist i have ever met, either deliberately or unknowingly exaggerates the problem to which they have dedicated their lives. Desperately trying to make people care, they forget about progress." https://t.co/v3IQT7osQW
Outstanding! 1 of the best books I've read in years.
My own outlook resonates with its championing of "a fact based world view," distinguishing facts from opinions & feelings.
Will help you see the good in the world without glossing over the bad or being binary. A must read https://t.co/v3IQT7osQW

USA & China control 85% of AI startups/patents. They will control the new economy while others try to catch up in old economy. Massive unemployment ==> surplus humanity ==> dangerous situation https://t.co/A1mUFNGIFV
Sadly, many (not all) in the next-gen cant take criticism, want instant limelight, cut corners & focus on social media fame without the foundation of tapasya. Such a society is hollow inside - like eaten by termites. Soon u will find clashes among them for petty matters. https://t.co/wlx3YOksBv
I am merely responding to repeated calls from well wishers to:
1) Prepare successor scholars to continue.
2) Collaborate w other thought leaders.
3) Build institution that outlasts personalities.
In the process I uncovered critical failures in our community. https://t.co/9aTZXBcnDv

I think "companies" will become powerful not "government" or "nations". Even US govt will have less control on monopolies of AI, such as Google , Amazon. Examples we can see already, when Google did not cooperate with US govt on face recognition system.

Abolishing the Companies Act might give rise to new forms of ownership with transparency and responsibility. Gambling in the guise of stock trading also needs to be reined in. Seat of power must exercise control upon business and not the other way round, as is the case at present
That's of course a long term approach and it's not easy to implement nor there's any surity as regards the outcome. My proposal is at the conceptual level: whether it's feasible to abolish the Act and whether modern life of a Nation is possible without the existence of Companies?

Companies are already powerful. It's the lobbyists sponsored by companies that influence policy making.
Be it government or company, it's people that are going to take these decisions. What values drive these people is going to shape the future. We must be addressing the education system which is not holistic, just intellect oriented. Thats where India, the vishwaguru, comes in :)
Short answer is no. Economic sustenance is of utmost importance. Humans have achieved this much clarity at least, for now. Economic decisions will shape the immediate future. My point is. The only way I see this working, is if humans approach consciously. Value upgradation.
One's own values pushing one towards taking a conscious decision rather than being told what to do is more convincing to any human being.

https://t.co/EQyfdbeAij On the eve of his 10 years as Sarsanghachalak @RSSorg, an assessment & appreciation: no one has been as quietly influential & effective as Mohan Bhagwatji. Mainstreaming the RSS & internationalising Hindutva may be summed up as his greatest achievements.
“Bhagwat has endeavoured to rescue Hindutva from the narrow straitjacket..dubbed & slandered as a supposedly fascist & chauvinist ideology. Bhagwat has rehabilitated it as the proud identity badge of new age Indians and globalised Hindus.” https://t.co/65RJllm6SK

@davidfrawleyved's 1997 call for intellectual or Bauddhik Kshatriyas still resonates: "An intellectual Kshatriya must not merely be defensive but creative and expansive...based upon deep thought [not] mere rhetoric, character assassination, or slogans." https://t.co/Ge4Niwlt7m
What is remarkable is that this call was given by @davidfrawleyved some 22 years back, long before today's activists, who mouth this sort of rhetoric without even mentioning this essay of his, let alone reading it. https://t.co/06PzsDGVBp

Confused "ChaturBania" follower will end up destroying our nation. We want a leader with clear vision like #Netaji and not confused Gujju #Gandhi  bhakts. People should read what #SriAurobindo had to say about Gandhi...his #Ahimsa and #Satyagraha . https://t.co/9UuH50iivY

#multilearning On January 1, 1969, Sri Aurobindo’s Integral yoga co-worker and disciple, The Mother (at age 90) announced the "arrival" of the "superman consciousness" – "the intermediary between man and the supramental being".[9] https://t.co/01bL90Nbrz

47.  With national unity as its goal, Indian nationalism would produce much disunity.
48. It would avow with passion, in Sri Aurobindo’s words as its essence, that ‘the return to ourselves is the cardinal feature of the national movement.

The Rationale, Basis and Development of the Idea of Socialism - The watchwords of the French Revolution, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” each represent an essential aspect of the social life of humanity in its evolution...

2.12 Transforming personal will to action into divine impulsion - Whoever sincerely enters the path of works, must leave behind him the stage in which need and desire are the first law of our acts. For whatever desires ...

In the face of Positive thinking we always feel inadequate - Should we really put the Vedic accent marks? These came much much later, long after the Rig Veda, these are post-Panini, 500 BC afterwards. What is necess...

The secularist killjoy: A reply to Schaefer and Smith - I am grateful to Donovan Schaefer and Caleb Smith for their productive, provocative responses. Both in their different ways have written about debunking an...

Seventy Photographs of the Mother taken on 21 February 1972 - Dear Friends, 21 February 2019 marked the 141th Birth Anniversary of the Mother. As our humble homage to Her, seventy photographs of Her taken on the occas...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

States must get Sovereignty and UN membership

Vinoba Bhave https://t.co/mhIWVlmR63 
Jayaprakash Narayan https://t.co/mlHqfr5vGe 
[ARYA Vol.3. No 8—March 1917: Integral Knowledge, Oneness, Sankhya & Yoga, PSD VIII, 2nd Hymn to Mitra-Varuna, IHU & Heraclitus (4)]
Savitri Era Party: India must split due to overpopulation https://t.co/pX4rxSPXJd 
Savitri Era: At seventy India must retire https://t.co/fYo2k49F2s #SriAurobindo
1) Say yes to Free Market, 
2) Oppose Mythology and Reservations, 
3) Demand Sovereignty to the States; & 
4) Follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.