Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dharma is the basis of democracy on which our nation’s unity in diversity stands

Killing of Migrant Labourers - A Close Look By: RS Jassal

The agency engaging outsiders as labourers must take upon it the responsibility of providing shelter & protection to them. Govt. may enact proper ordinance to issue them temporary work permits & earmark living areas. I have seen some national /regional seminar resolutions which have recommended to issue multipurpose i/cards to all Indians & Centre having agreed to that. It is surprising why such good proposals are not being implemented. I wonder why a small section of indigenous culture, under the garb of pride in ethos take it as a right to round such problem by restoring to killings only. Don’t they understand right is always linked with duty. Is this the way we can reach pinnacles of ‘egalitarian society’?

I quote Sri Aurobindo what he interprets egalitarianism to mean. He says ‘Both Rights & Duties are European ideas. Dharma is the Indian concept in which rights & duties regain the deep & eternal unity’, And Dharma is the basis of democracy on which our nation’s unity in diversity stands. Killings are definitely acts of perverts and a serious loss of values in public life whereas the eternal truth is everyone is moving in to each other’s space- knowingly or unknowingly which may be kept in mind. There are thousands of Manipuri’s who have risen to national & international fame only by moving into space of others. KILLING innocents must be ABHORED. KanglaOnline

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