Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Free from the need to pretend to be politically correct

Televisionized India: Beyond small screen City City Bang Bang Santosh Desai The Times of India, 6 Oct 2008. That television is the most powerful engine of change in India is an assertion that is unlikely to be challenged by most...

More fundamentally, ideas like secularism, tolerance, and temperate balance start looking like impositions. One can argue that the recent surge in intolerance that one sees from a large section of society is in some way a product of a televisionized India, free from the need to pretend to be politically correct. The pent up feelings of resentment and entitlement have rushed out and get both tacit and explicit support from television.

In a certain sense, television has made Indian democracy more real in that, we are today dealing with issues that come from how people, when not pretending to be someone else, and when not subject to editorial admonitions, really feel about things. The prejudices are out in the open, be they those with a communal tinge or elements of class hatred (will Mayawati really become Prime Minister?).

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