Friday, February 6, 2009

The message of Sri Aurobindo that all life is yoga should be spread to the maximum extent possible - Prof Manoj Das

Pondy Varsity VC advocates spiritual values for governance
By chennaivision at 6 February, 2009, 1:08 pm Puducherry,

Pondicherry University Vice Chancellor J A K Tareen today said spirituality and ethical values were essential for good governance.
Presiding over inaugural function of the International Research workshop on ’spiritual and ethical foundations of organisational development’, jointly organised by the University of Delhi School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Regent University USA, Infinity Foundation USA and Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University, here, Mr Tareen said spirituality theme should reach the common people by beginning at home and at school.

Mr Tareen expressed concern over unhindered foreign culture and western style of living, which was accepted by the society informally. There must be some way out and proper reasoning for the promotion of integrated and spiritual foundation of organisational development, he added.
The vice-chancellor said corporate governance should not only focus on profit centric, but also promote an objective and ethical approach. The participants should ensure that their discussions and recommendations were shared with the common people to achieve unity.

Inaugurating the workshop, Prof Manoj Das, an Aurobindian, said there shoud be synthesis of idealism and perfection and the message of Sri Aurobindo that all life is yoga should be spread to the maximum extent possible. About two hundred delegates were participating in the three-day workshop. UNI

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