Friday, February 19, 2010

I do not believe in the real politik which you talked about

To date18 February 2010 19:40 mailed-by Dear Shri Mohapatra,

I hope you remember our long conversation on various issues starting from Unification of India and Pakistan for solving of J&K conflict and concluding after the discussion regarding the role of educated and enlightened people in capturing the democratic power through demand driven election.

While I found that there were some crucial differences between the way you and think, I still felt happy that I spoke to a person today who is committed to the welfare of the citizens of this country. I appreciate your efforts in forming a political party and making an attempt to enter the electoral politics. I sincerely wish you all the best in your endeavour.

As I told you over phone, my thinking is on similar lines, however I do not believe in the real politik which you talked about. I don't want to tread the path followed by other political parties, but want to travel in an entirely different direction. However, I may not be able to reach the goal in my life time, but I am sure that the idea and ideology will take roots and will have its positive outcome later. Nonetheless, it is important that educated people of this country should endeavour, though through different methodologies, to make a difference to the citizens of this country.

Please be in touch through e-mail. You are most welcome to meet me whenever you are in
Delhi and spend some quality time. 
To date 19 February 2010 19:59 mailed-by
Yes, I prefer to stick to an ethical line. You are right that there are no such examples in history. This is a case of who will bell the cat? We all know what is right, but we don't follow or strive to achieve it as it is a difficult path.
Further, I strongly believe in right means to achieve noble ends and I don't look forward for short cuts. What we strive to build should be on a solid foundation, despite the time it takes. In fact, movements aiming at bringing transformational changes in the society and civilisation should be at a different pedestal and quality, otherwise they will not last long and will degenerate in no time.

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