Sunday, May 2, 2010

Radical individualism, human equality, gender justice, and the freedom of critical expression

On the edge of the future: Esalen and the evolution of American ... - Page 106 Jeffrey John Kripal, Glenn W. Shuck - 2005 - 323 pages
The spiritual monarchies of Asian gurus, as we have repeatedly learned over the last forty years, do not always do well with democratic values such as radical individualism, human equality, gender justice, and the freedom of critical expression.
Morality USA - Page 164 Ellen G. Friedman, Corinne Squire - 1998 - 295 pages
For some, teaching Huckleberry Finn, for instance, means passing on to the next generation moral values, such as radical individualism and freedom, that are consonant with the democratic enterprise. For others, the book documents ...
The Journal of social, political and economic studies Council for Social and Economic Studies (U.S ... - 1986
1950s served to "negate the established' (social) order," but that with the sixties came: . . . the affirmation and clarification of a new set of fundamental values, such as radical individuality, pleasure, pacifism, ...
You say you want a revolution: rock music in American culture Robert G. Pielke - 1986 - 270 pages
More than anything else, this is what the sixties were about: the affirmation and clarification of a new set of fundamental values, such as radical individuality, pleasure, pacifism, ...
Challenging immigration and ethnic relations politics: comparative ... - Page 355 Ruud Koopmans, Paul Statham - 2000 - 443 pages
Most ordinary individuals will lack knowledge of the preference schedules of others and suppress values, such as radical nationalism, which they feel could produce hostile social reactions. ...
The Idea of a European Superstate: Public Justification and ... - Page 123 Glyn Morgan - 2007 - 212 pages
A major problem with these arguments is that they frequently appeal to values—such as radical conceptions of participatory democracy—that are not generally or publicly shared by modern European citizens. ...

Sri Aurobindo’s Five Dreams: Nation-Souls and the Triple Transformation
Posted by DEBBANERJI | Published: MARCH 19, 2010
Sri Aurobindo has provided a spiritual vision which can sustain and transport us through our contemporary global condition. Thus, it is those who have been touched by the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who carry a special responsibility, to make available viable spiritual solutions beyond an exotic traditionalism or a sectarian narrowness. This again, is something of India’s future which needs to be built, a dream to be realized only through sincerity of practice. This too, is very far from being realized, unless enough individuals develop the will to accelerate and intensify its aspiration in their lives. 

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