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World Union & Religion of Humanity

Volumes 6-7
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Bande Mataram — I–II
All surviving political writings and speeches from 1890 to 1908.
The two volumes consist primarily of 353 articles originally published in the nationalist newspaper Bande Mataram between August 1906 and May 1908. Also included are political articles written by Sri Aurobindo before the start of Bande Mataram, speeches delivered by him between 1907 and 1908, articles from his manuscripts of that period that were not published in his lifetime, and an interview of 1908.
Volume 8
PDF last updated: 15 Aug 09
All surviving political writings and speeches of 1909 and 1910.
This volume consists primarily of articles originally published in the nationalist newspaper Karmayogin between June 1909 and February 1910. It also includes speeches delivered by Sri Auro bindo in 1909.
Volume 25
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The Human Cycle — The Ideal of Human Unity — War and Self-Determination
Three works of social and political philosophy.
In The Human Cycle, Sri Aurobindo traces the evolution of human society and suggests where it is headed. In The Ideal of Human Unity, he examines the possibility of the unification of the human race. In War and Self-Determination, he discusses the sovereignty of nations in the aftermath of the First World War. These works were first serialised in the monthly review Arya between 1915 and 1920; later Sri Aurobindo revised them for publication.

Volume 36
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Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest
Sri Aurobindo's writings on himself (excluding the letters in volume 35,Letters on Himself and the Ashram) and other material of historical importance.
The volume is divided into four parts: (1) brief life sketches, autobiographical notes, and corrections of statements made by others in biographies and other publications; (2) letters of historical interest to family, friends, political and profession al associates, public figures, etc; also letters on yoga and spiritual life to disciples and others; (3) public statements and other communications on Indian and world events; (4) public statements and notices concerning Sri Aurobindo's ashram and yoga. Much of the material is being published here for the first time in a book.
Volume 37
Reference Volume (TO BE PUBLISHED)
Index, glossary, editorial notes, supplementary texts.
This volume will include a complete index to the Complete Works, a glossary of Sanskrit and other Indian terms, a chronology of Sri Aurobindo's life, a bibliography of his works, a note on editorial method, a list of emendations and errata, and supple mentary texts not included in the main works.
Glossary to the Record of Yoga (TO BE PUBLISHED)
A glossary to and structural outline of the Record of Yoga (volumes 10 and 11).
This unnumbered volume — an appendix to Record of Yoga — will contain an alphabetical index of Sanskrit words and a structural outline of the seven-limbed yoga that Sri Aurobindo practised between 1912 and 1927. (A temporary glossary is available on this website under the heading "Research".)

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