Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Standing by the authentic and the elevating

Comment posted by RY Deshpande Re: Sraddhalu Ranade writes to Manoj Das ... Manoj Das’s Disastrous Advice
These are all human problems arising out of human clumsiness. As long as it is there, they are there. But one goes to a spiritual institution for spiritual progress and not for, for instance, writing academic treatises for the sake of treatises. Unless these turn into spiritual aids, they have no value and any representation of such things to the ‘outside’ world then becomes a misrepresentation. It is that which becomes the source of annoyance. 
Intolerance of such an annoyance may not be absolutely yogic, but fighting against hostility that always surrounds it is also an aspect of yogic business, including fighting against authorities that uphold it. Repugnance towards untruth is to promote greater sincerity in the values that are cherished. Never can truth and falsehood stay together if spiritual pursuit is the concern, and dismissing falsehood is a part of that concern. In it precisely lies the hero-warriorship and standing by it is an act of spiritual nobility. There is no other identity in it except standing by the authentic and the elevating which comes only by developing finer perceptions. ~ RYD

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