Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 70:20 ratio

"Every party in Parliamentary democracy has to do this (compromise). It has not been done for the first time and also certainly not for the last time." Contending that "Nobody or party can claim to be 100 % pure", he said, "But, BJP is 70 % pure while others are only 20 % (pure). So, still BJP is a party with a difference."
He was reacting when asked how BJP could claim to be a "party with a difference" even after induction of Kushwaha, which came on top of the party forming government in Jharkhand with the support of JMM against whose leader Shibu Soren who is facing corruption charges. "No political party runs as a theological or charitable organisation. As per age-old dictum that politics is an art of possible, every party has to combine ideology and practical wisdom," he said.

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