Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quitting quietism, illusionism, asceticism, and monasticism

Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx: integral sociology and dialectical ... - Page 105 - Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya - 1988 - Preview On the contrary, the excessive security of the outer life at the collective level often brings about a cultural decadence in the inner life of the individual. Russell remarks: ' Security is merely a refuge from fear; opportunity is the source of hope.
The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo - Page 90 - V. P. Varma - 1990 - Preview - More editions Aurobindo does not accept the theory that India has borrowed from Greek art in the post-Christian era, and is severely critical ... Havell and Coomaraswamy refer to the decadence of the Gandhara art but V.A. Smith, A History of Fine Art in India ...
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo - Page 361 - Peter Heehs - 2008 - Preview - But “one of the marked aspects of Sri Aurobindo's teaching and practice have been precisely his insistence to put aside the inert and life-shunning quietism, illusionism, asceticism and monasticism of a latter-day and decadent India.” What he ...
Derrida and Indian Philosophy - Page 115 - Harold G. Coward - 1990 - Preview - More editions 49 Aurobindo speculates that the fixed relation found in Vedic language between the different notions and the cherished ... of the past may prove unable to respond to the enlarged breadth of vision demanded and may fall into decadence.
The Golden Treasury Of Indo-Anglian Poetry (1828-1965) - Page 37 - Vinayak Krishna Gokak - 2006 - Preview - More editions A study of Sri Aurobindo's poetry from this point of view is highly rewarding. Like Browning, he presses into service vocabulary of many diverse kinds. He does not confine himself to 'poetic' words like Swinburne and the Decadent poets.
Papers On Indian Writing In English : Poetry - Page 54 - A.N. Dwivedi - 2001 - Preview - More editions In short, he belongs to the future.6 It is interesting to note that there is a marked difference between Sri Aurobindo's early poetry and the poetry of the Savitri period. The early poetry has been written under the influence of the Decadent poets.
Tagores Chitra And Aurobindos SavitriA Comparative Study - Page 29 - Ketki N. Pandya - 2004 - Preview Aurobindo, had a career that extended to six decades till his death in 1950. His activities related to ... Aurobindo had swiftly outgrown the romantic and decadent influence of Keats, Shelley and Swinburne, and this departure from influenced ...

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