Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ambedkar, Advani et al

  1. [Dalit scholars might get to eat Tata's namak, but they don't get to wear Tata diamonds, ... Bata chappals, maybe, but not Tata diamonds.]
  2. [Ambedkar's philosophy is essentially ethical and religious. For him, the social precedes the political. Social morality is central ...]
  3. Raj Nath Singh no doubt is a class of his own when it comes to oratory. But his forceful voice is always laced with pusillanimity
  4. But to mistake that we meet the same old Advani today instead of admiring the statesman in him is an injustice.
  5. Voting, obviously, is a voluntary act and democratic choice. Even abstaining constitutes a vote in favour of "non of these."
  6. No better explanation than that offered by Sri Aurobindo steeped in Vedic insights & arguments. Aim of individual evolution.
  7. Contamination of fiction can be harmful at times. That stereotypes persist longer than the reality to engender distorted views is a danger.

  8. Didn't dislike SV, but not so great either. Enchantress of Florence and Moor's Last Sigh remain my favourite
  9. Whom to believe - Katju or you? since I haven't read any if his works and am not particularly fond of fiction.
  10. Let's debate "Ramsethu." It's entirely a subjective standpoint. Tribalism of RSS vs. Scientific temper espoused by Constitution.

  11. Sometimes we the content of our speech/tweet/blog is so high in Quality & Truth that it hurts certain vested interests. We get Trolled.
  12. What is said emerges from the person's worldview and not in a vacuum. Besides, issues are nothing but interpersonal differences.
  13. But debates are about gender, caste, religion & isms and hence to escape the inconvenience of a flesh & blood person is chimera.
  14. You miss the point again. The issue is not running of ministries but the folly of combining dissimilar categories.
  15. > the two ministries have nothing common except for the word civil. Such is the case treating SCs and STs jointly.
  16. The point is: exasperated by frequent irrational reshuffles, one commentator had then pithily complained that >>
  17. Like the provision of divorce to get out of wedlock, there should be escape route for creamy layer for voluntarily foregoing the SC/ST tag.
  18. To club SCs and STs together is like one Minister being allotted the charge of Civil Aviation and Civil Supplies by Indira Gandhi.

  19. This is the real tragedy of India, our parliamentary system has been totally undermined. How will we ever be able to repair this?..

  20. Hilarious. Many people on twitter seem 2 hv skipped civics class in school. Need 2 relearn role of parliament & why v put MPs there
  21. Dear Members of the Lok Sabha, Please reclaim the right of choosing the Prime Minister of India from amongst you and save the Constitution.

  22. Foolishness is that you presume Corruption & risking India's territorial integrity is constitutional.

  23. A party must contribute something to India. What will your party contribute? Pl. clarify thorugh alteratnions. Thanks.

  24. Ypu exercise Diplomacy when enemy forces march 27kms into your Country? Are you Dean of University of Stupidity?
  25. It's 1907, Surat. Paris based Prithwindranath Mukherjee has significant work on Pre-Gandhian freedom movement to his credit.

  26. Havent see anyone other than him to link rise of BJP with aggressive nationalism of Tilak,Lal,Pal,Aurobindo after their defeat in 1906 Surat

  27. Leftists feed MSM that Hindutva some upper caste thingie. It was Nandy who clearly analyzed its opposite,all inclusive of Ind traditions

  28. Amongst the living people today, he has most encyclopedic knowledge of rise & spread of national in Bengal & other parts of India.

  29. Also, lets not forget, people like Nandy done more damage to left's history than so called right wing historians.

  30. no no, he is a superb author. We shdnt go by what he done recently. Hv u read his book on Indian science, JC Bose, Ramanujan?

  31. I used to think like u on Sati. But do read the essay on Sati by Ashish Nandy, written in late 1980s. U ll get new perspective
  32. Pl. read Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the Caste system to understand the Vedic rationale for Varna taxonomy.
  33. Though justifiably adored universally, motherhood also begets walls of apathy & selfishness paralyzing many dimensions of gender relations.
  34. [described by Sri Aurobindo as ‘the light of his own being emerges from the inert darkness of involuntary sleep...']

  35. Twitter has gone dull. Sanghis used to provide such delicious amusement through their abusive word play have gone silent.
  36. A few people tweet with certain authority as if RAW & IB etc. are reporting to them. Spreading disinformation is such compulsive addiction.
  37. [Kanak TV ‏@kanaktv1h Special Program Speech of Manoj Das Part… via ]
  38. If NDA manages to capture power with Advani as PM, then he, as an insider, will be the best person to purge the RSS of obscurantist elements
  39. Sloganeering and sensationalism is the eternal tactic of certain rabble-rousers who tweet incessantly clinging to the dream of a RS member.
  40. The telescopic political views tweeted by many from Mumbai & Bengaluru is too exaggerated & farcical than what we observe here in Dehli/NCR.
  41. That's the tip of the iceberg; graver incidents occur which are not disclosed to lay citizens. So pl. don't trivialise issues.
  42. - That's why I visit Twitter. The more I discover my pettiness the more I can aspire for what Sri Aurobindo terms as "svarat."

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