Monday, August 3, 2015

Disconnect between the academy and the bar and bench

Assorted Tweets:
In @livemint I argue a dysfunction of the Indian political economy is the favouring of individuals over institutions

Return of the pantomime via @sharethis "I scream corruption/you scream corruption/send thepeople to their damnation"
The fourth element in this script is that no political party is capable of self-reflection. 

The Right Posture: The paradox of the Yoga debate | OPEN Magazine #InternationalDayof Yoga

Superb, superb piece on the death penalty by @rahulkanwal For once, I agree word for word with him. And all points.

The Indian Constitutional law blog turns two years old today. Some rambling thoughts:

@IndiaToday My detailed view: The porn dilemma. To ban, or not to ban, is the question. - #YourSpace

An attempt to understand the booming market for the death penalty : The death penalty as a sign of the times?:

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