Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anilbaran Roy and A.B. Patel: plea for human unity

The Labor Government in Britain was made an instrument. Lord Attlee, who voluntarily gave freedom to India, had high hopes that a free India would play a great part in world affairs. After Independence he thrice came to India and appealed to the people and the Government to bring a resolution in the UN General Assembly for turning itself into a World State with the constituent nations as equal members and an international Army for preserving World Peace. He confidently declared that if India brought such resolution, it would be passed unanimously. But Pandit Nehru did not agree… Unless we clearly see the destiny and mission of the nation as visioned by Sri Aurobindo and consciously move in the direction of its fulfilment the crises will be there…

It is, therefore, hoped that the wisdom will dawn on the Indian mind and the people of India without further delay and inviting another and more engulfing crisis will see the Divine Will in the present one and move in accordance with it to re-unite India so that united India, inspired by the ideals of Sri Aurobindo, may truly serve herself and the world -- Anilbaran Roy [The Future Vision of Sri Aurobindo by Om Poorna Swatantra. Sringara Prakashana, Chikkanayabanahally, Karnataka. Pages 154. 1972] ANILBARAN ROY. Extension Lecturer, Sri Aurobindo International University Centre, Pondicherry. Formerly Professor of Philosophy, West Bengal. Sometime member of the Bengal Legislative Council. Author of: The Gītā; The Message of the Gītā as Interpreted by Sri Aurobindo (editor); Mother India; The World Crisis; Songs from the Soul; India's Mission in the World; Sri Aurobindo and the New Age; and several books in Bengali. 5:52 PM


To understand and grasp the most important aspect of Sri Aurobindo’s message we have to remind ourselves that we are living on an evolutionary planet… Earth has continuously manifested new forms, new principles of existence, and new forms of consciousness, and will continue to do so. Modern science and technology have set in motion a revolution bringing rapid and radical changes in outer conditions. The potentialities of the future cannot be judged by what has happened in the past. The potentialities of the future also cannot be judged by what exists today in earthly life…

Sri Aurobindo foresaw that a time will come when man realizes human unity and creates new conditions for the transformation of human consciousness and the advent of a spiritual society. -- A.B. Patel [The Future Vision of Sri Aurobindo by Om Poorna Swatantra. Sringara Prakashana, Chikkanayabanahally, Karnataka. Pages 154. 1972]

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