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Youth should follow the path of Sri Aurobindo's political fervour, cultural depth and spiritual evolution

`Sri Aurobindo embodies national spirit' TOI 19 Aug 2001 allahabad:

Sri Aurobindo embodied the true spirit of nationalism surcharged with spirituality. yet divisive forces might prevent the fulfilment of his prophecy that "partition will (have to) go," stated prof g c pandey. pandey, chairman of allahabad museum society, made his views known as the chief guest on the occasion of seminar on `indian nationalism and sri aurobindo,' as part of the prophet's 129th birth anniversary which recurs on the independence day. the well known historian dwelt at length on sri aurobindo as nationalist and revolutionary par excellence, during the early years of the freedom struggle. indian nationalism is no ordinary geography or politics but combines sanatan dharma and spirituality.

Quoting scriptures and sri aurobindo, mr g c tripathi, an erudite sanskrit scholar, pertinently pointed out that sri aurobindo's concept of nationalism is both international and humanitarian. in his key note address, the scholar said imbibing of eternal values by the present generation is fast declining and resulting in erosion of nationalism. tripathi quoted sri aurobindo: "indian nationalism will fulfill an international spirit and outlook and international forms and institutions will grow." this he concluded, is the concept of indian nationalism. in his presidential address, prof k b pande, chairman u p public service commission, exhorted youth to follow the path of sri aurobindo's political fervour, cultural depth and spiritual evolution. he urged them to start thinking for the welfare of the society and the nation. otherwise the country might disintegrate at the hands of `pseudo-secularists' and midget -politicians. the nation is a living entity, it must be worshipped and adored. everything else is of secondary value, concluded prof pande.


Sri Aurobindo birth anniversary on Aug 15 TOI 13 Aug 2001, allahabad:

A seminar on "indian nationalism and sri aurobindo" is being organised by the centre at annie besant hall, theosophical society, lowther road, on august 15 at 5.15 pm. secretary of allahabad centre of 'sri aurobindo society, prof awdhesh agnihotri said the seminar is being organised to celebrate sri aurobindo's 129th birthday and 54th birth anniversary which falls on the independence day. noted historian prof gc pandey, who is also chairs allahabad museum will grace the ocassion. prof k b pande, chairman, uppsc, will preside over the function. the key speaker and guest of honour would be prof n k sanyal, vc, rajarshi tandon open university, erudite, sanskrit scholar dr gaya charan tripathi, principal pt. ganga nath jha sanskrit vidyapeeth would be the other illustorious speaker.

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