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Bande Mataram comes to an end in 1908

The Mother asks us for no schemes, no plans, no methods. She herself will provide the schemes, the plans, the methods better than any we can devise. She asks us for our hearts, our lives, nothing less, nothing more. Swadeshi, National Education, the attempt to organise Swaraj are only so many opportunities for self-surrender to her. She will look to see not how much we have tried for Swadeshi, how wisely we have planned for Swaraj, how successfully we have organised education, but how much of ourselves we have given, how much of our substance, how much of our labour, how much of our ease, how much of our safety, how much of our lives.

Regeneration is literally re-birth, and re-birth comes not by the intellect, not by the fullness of the purse, not by policy, not by change of machinery, but by the getting of a new heart, by throwing away all that we were into the fire of sacrifice and being reborn in the Mother. Self-abandonment is the demand made upon us. She asks of us, "How many will live for me? How many will die for me?" and awaits our answer. -- Sri Aurobindo Bande Mataram, April 11, 1908

India And The Mongolian 1-4-1908
Religion And The Bureaucracy 1-4-1908
The Milk Of Putana 1-4-1908
Oligarchy Rampant 2-4-1908
The Question Of The President 3-4-1908 5-4-1908
Convention And Conference 4-4-1908 5-4-1908
By The Way 4-4-1908 5-4-1908
The Constitution Of The Subjects Committee 6-4-1908
The New Ideal 7-4-1908 12-4-1908
The "Indu And The Dhulia Conference 8-4-1908
The Asiatic Role 9-4-1908 12-4-1908
Love Me Or Die 9-4-1908
The Work Before Us 10-4-1908 12-4-1908
Campbell-Bannerman Retires 10-4-1908 12-4-1908
United Congress (Speech) 10-4-1908
The Demand Of The Mother 11-4-1908 12-4-1908
Baruipur Speech 12-4-1908
Peace And Exclusion 13-4-1908
Indian Resurgence And Europe 14-4-1908 19-4-1908
Om Shantih 14-4-1908 19-4-1908
Conventionalist And Nationalists 18-4-1908 19-4-1908
The Future And The Nationalists 22-4-1908 26-4-1908
The Wheat And The Chaff 23-4-1908 26-4-1908
Party And The Country 24-4-1908 26-4-1908
The "Bengalee" Facing-Both-Ways 24-4-1908 26-4-1908
Providence And Perorations 24-4-1908 26-4-1908
The One Thing Needful 25-4-1908 26-4-1908
Palli Samiti (Speech) 26-4-1908
New Conditions 29-4-1908 3-5-1908
Whom To Believe? 29-4-1908 3-5-1908
By The Way: The Parable Of Sati 29-4-1908 3-5-1908
Leaders And A Conscience 30-4-1908 3-5-1908
An Ostrich In Colootola 30-4-1908 3-5-1908
I Cannot Join 30-4-1908 3-5-1908
By The Way 30-4-1908
Ideals Face To Face *1-5-1908 3-5-1908
The New Nationalism
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