Thursday, April 3, 2008

Paine was a firm believer in a natural social order

Against Centralized Democracy from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik

Many years ago, just before the last elections, Ilana Mercer wrote a piece called “Democratic Despotism” that really shook me. Here she contrasted Rousseau with Voltaire – heaping a great deal of much-deserved abuse on the former. Jean-Jacques Rousseau embedded the weasel word “social” into political discourse with his “social contract” – and ever since the individual has been sacrificed at the altar of the collective. He exalted the role of the legislator, and it is indeed he who brought about this “democratic despotism” we suffer from today...

The problem, then, is over-centralization – a problem that both India as well as the US suffer from. Powerful central governments make a nonsense out of “democracy” because the democratic ideal is to diffuse power, not concentrate it...

If America needs a real leader in thought – which always must precede action – then the man is Lew Rockwell. His latest article, “We Don’t Need A President” should be read by all Americans – and all Indians as well. The long quote from Thomas Paine should be inscribed on all public walls, for all the people to read. Paine was one of the giants of the great American Revolution – and a firm believer in a natural social order. Lew Rockwell follows the tradition, and he has noted that I do too. Rockwell calls for canceling the elections – or putting up a president who will dissolve the central government. This is an idea India needs as well. And elections here are just a year away. We must think now.

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  1. If the said author believes in a "natural" social "order" then why is he in love with his gun?

    He obviously doesnt have much faith in his fellow "free" citizens to create or live in a "natural order".

    A natural order can only be created in the image and likeness of those who are free of fear.

    Otherwise FEAR will inevitably create all sorts of power seeking and control games.

    Guns equals the politics of FEAR.
    Or a social "order" that has ALREADY broken down or failed.

    The author doesnt like the word "social" either.

    Funny about that because we are all totally embedded in a multiplicity of social networks and relationships. And as such we are totally dependent on these relationships. And the health of these relationships.

    Fear inevitably destroys these patterns of relationship---the patterns that connect and SUSTAIN.