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In this age and in this creation Sri Aurobindo represents a new Truth and a new Power

The 15th August — PRAPATTI
In Mother’s Light, AUGUST 15 , 2006

Apart from being the independence day of India the 15th of August is the Day of Sri Aurobindo’s embodiment. In this age and in this creation Sri Aurobindo represents a new Truth and a new Power. That Truth and that Power is the Principle and Force of the Supramental. Sri Aurobindo had wanted the earthly life of entire humanity to undergo a revolutionary change by the action of this Principle, Power and Light. It is quite possible and inevitable that passing through much suffering, trouble, discomfort and storms, humanity will arrive at this Destiny. If man consciously and knowingly be opens towards this new Truth and Light , then suffering, danger and discontentment of humanity and the earth would be reduced to a great extent.

On this great auspicious day of 15th August, others may not but the people of India should be conscious of the working of this grand Truth and Light. In the coming days India’s greatest contribution to the world will be this Truth and Light, because by the strength of this Supramental Truth and Light humanity could be free from animality and brutal tendencies; leaving behind the animal nature, man would be initiated into divine nature. For the good of humanity, achieving the independence and the New Birth, India is slowly rising out of slumber. Western countries have achieved prosperity in the material world through science, industry, rationality and organisation, but they do not have the capacity to dispel barbarism from man and replace it by divinity.

The West, by outer material success, is unable to address this aspect of human development. It is only India who has the right to this secret. India alone knows the true meaning of inner liberation, freedom in work and life, establishment of Light and Knowledge in earthly nature, transformation of human nature into divine nature. These great truths are to be evolved and spread for the conservation of human species. Sri Aurobindo has evoked the attention of his countrymen on the message of India to humanity – animal man has to be transformed into divine superman. When other countries of the world are working out their destined role, India is not yet conscious of her own talent, strength and capability. By remembering the life, ideal, sadhana and works of Sri Aurobindo, on this auspicious day like 15th August, people of this country will become more conscious. (Nab,15th,aug,68/71)

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