Saturday, August 11, 2007

The circumstances will change of their own accord

Alok Pandey Mother India, 15 AUGUST 2007
If instead of slogan-raising, pamphleteering, politicking, and wasting our time and energy on superficial analysis of surface events whose true significance escapes us on every side, we can focus our energies on the emergence of our soul-power and through that and by a spiritual contamination the soul-power of the children who gather near us then we would have done our bit. It is in our soul that we must recover the Vedas and their power to save and then cast our life into its mould. It is in our soul that we must first discover the true India and its mighty spirit…Rather than changing policies and regulations or holding big seminars and conclaves and summit meetings and intellectual discussions, if we could focus on changing our consciousness then the circumstances will change of their own accord.

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  1. The task of changing our consciousness, recovery of the Vedas & its power in our soul is indeed a major requirement for an eventual & lasting change. But these are the work of a whole lifetime & more. In my opinion, the work after a while has to go on at two levels the inner & outer. The inner should & must continue as part of each ones personal sadhana & inner journey of discovery but the outer work of regeneration must also begin at some point of time, it is true that circumstances will change of their own accord in proportion to change of consciousness, while that is an ultimate feasibility, it is time that we take up an immediate work of national regeneration too & the primary requirements for such a work to begin is an initial goodwill, strong will, selfless dedication to a higher ideal & a conscious effort to consecrate one's life for country, people & progress. In short, & if i may be blunt, a political action inspired largely by the vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for Indian resurgence has to start, a formation has to be evolved which shall elbow itself in the present political space & provide an alternative action plan for the nation. It is natural that there may be bunglings, there may be mis-steps, & momentary derailments etc but that is no reason why the attempt must not be made or that one must wait for the complete change of consciousness to come about so that one can initiate action in complete Knowledge, Truth etc. It is absolutely desirable that action take place from such a height of consciousness but till that happens to a critical mass an interim action has to be intiated with whatever risks/possibility of dilution & contamination it may hold. For all one knows, for those involved in such an action the discovery of 'true India & its mighty spirit' in their soul may be expedited. One thing that i have often said & take the opportunity to repeat here is that it is no point in constantly saying that this is what Sri Aurobindo wanted for India, that is what The Mother had said & would have wanted the leaders to do etc etc, which most of us keep saying ad nauseum & sign off in an attitude of resignation. If we believe that The Master had a vision for this country then one of the ways to acheive it should be to start a practical ground level action to begin realising that vision. While one the one hand it is a spiritual vision on the other it is also a very pragmatic vision realisable through a well planned & chalked out political action. Most of us will agree on these aspects but treat the word political as taboo, until this mind-block is dissolved we'll only continue to be in the word-mode. It is heartening to see that Prof Kittu Redy has at least given some open concrete suggestions & also initiative has been taken on the Savitri Era Party front to begin some action. The Party could work some of these suggestions in its programme.
    The evolution of consciousness & its change etc must go-on meanwhile some new slogan, some stimulating action, some conferences & politics all leading to a new political action is certainly useful & must be carried out. Sixtieth year of independence, in my view is the right time to begin this action. I am afraid that if we do not intiate action along these lines now the future India may, when it discovers for itself the immense possibilities of our Master's vision for it, question us as to why we did not attempt to give it a practical shape, the explanation then that we were immersed in discovering the true India within & spread that vision by soul contamination may not hold so good. Let us reflect, let us call all those who feel an urge to be part of this action to unite, leaving aside past-preferences, prejudices, ego based stands. This call must be answered on this sixtieth eve of Freedom in the affrimative, it requires boldness, audacity & soul-strength!