Thursday, August 16, 2007

Govt. of India must start withdrawing its octopus-tentacles from the golden dome

Anirban said...
Tusarji, you have made a bold & frank demand & all those who love freedom, the freedom to dream & the freedom to work towards acheiving those dreams cannot but support such a demand. 'Purna Swaraj' is imperative for the eventual realisation & success of this unique dream-adventure of Auroville which is being carried out nowhere else across the globe.
The Mother saw it, She started it on the soil of India because of her great spiritual tradition of openness & assimilation. It is also a symbolic experiment & its symbolism is more relevant today when India crosses a landmark of six-decades of freedom. If India has become free, as The Master had said, not only for herself but for the welfare of the world & to indicate the way to eventual world 'harmony & union' & reveal the essential unity of nations then seen in that perspective the Auroville experiment is indeed a very special symbolic one & its unhampered growth & success assumes cardinal importance. In that respect the safeguard of freedom is absolutely required & the Govt. of India must start withdrawing its octopus-tentacles from the golden dome.
The present functionaries, if they have understood the intrinsic necessity of the Auroville experiment, if they are themselves freedom-loving would do well to heed this call. As for the residents they must begin organising themselves on this issue instead of complaining. There have been attempts from various quarters on & off at advocating govt. control for other institutions that are run in the vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo or have been founded by Them, such moves/attempts must be resisted, spiritual experimentation cannot take place under the suffocating/exhausting bindings & mechanisms of a govt. agency. The Savitri Era Party has done well to take this position, it's the first one to do so publicly, & thus it must have the support on this of all right thinking individuals who value - FREEDOM! 2:13 PM

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