Friday, August 17, 2007

Even he as defence minister would not have liked to live in a China of his description

Anirban said...
Tusarji, the Savitri Era Party's stand on balance, temperance & adherence to existing procedures - reference to your comment on the disciplining of the Kerala M.P. P.C.Thomas by the Speaker- in public life generates a glimmer of hope that things may change after all. This stand is definitely in tune with the expectations among the majority of the electorate who look forward to a great degree of decency in those they elect.
Shri George Fernandes has had his innings, he has done his bit for the country & has executed whatever duties it demanded of him, but over quite a while it seems he has definitely lost that perception, elan & touch & is himself living a rather isolated political existence. Hence i believe these fire-works are to gain some attention, of course even he as defence minister would not have liked to live in a China of his description.
Long & correct exposure to Parliamentary procedure, can in my opinion if one holds the right attitude, develop in oneself a certain balance & depth of perception, in politics it is infinitely better & more effective to wage a war of ideas rather than that of personalities - which invariably brings with it a level of vulgarity & crudeness.
The demand for temperance, balance, civility & discipline in public life is therefore a very urgent one. Merci. 10:00 AM

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