Saturday, August 11, 2007

I began to see consciously the fulfilment of the dreams of Sri Aurobindo

Ananda Reddy Mother India, 15 AUGUST 2007
Having co-aged with independent India, it may also be the right time for me to make a kind of personal reappraisal of my own awakening to the processes which have helped the realisation of these ‘dreams’. When I was in a ‘frog in the well’ kind of situation during my days of education in the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, I was hardly aware of the world beyond the Ashram. So much cocooned were we in the Mother’s atmosphere that I hardly had any need to contact the world outside on any level. Later, when I entered a kind of a ‘fish in the lake’ situation at Auroville, I did open myself to the world and its happenings but they were also restricted and selective as I did not need to see beyond the ideal of Auroville that was in front of me. The world came to me; I did not go to the world!

It is only much later, when I went to Bangkok for a job of teaching in the Assumption University, that I opened myself to the world more and more, though cautiously. Maybe it was only in 1996 when I went out to the United States of America for a conference that I started seeing and participating in the world’s happenings for the first time and I began to see consciously the work of the Mother in and for the world and the fulfilment of the dreams of Sri Aurobindo. My travelling across countries and continents for the past 12 years or so, participating in seminars and holding workshops in Integral Yoga and Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo brought me closer to the efforts and aspirations of many people and cultures bringing me insights into the realisation of the ‘dreams’.

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