Thursday, August 16, 2007

From this year onwards, let us put behind all weak lamentations, all helpless cursing

Anirban said...
Tusarji, here are few thoughts for 15th August, yes the winds of change are indeed blowing, let us not lament the dwarfs in our public life today, who have exaggerated notions of themselves, things & circumstances, but unfurl the flag of a new India so that it flutters high & mighty & can be seen from distant lands.
None of the leaders yesterday, mentioned even in passing Sri Aurobindo's name, high falutin words were used, dry statistics were cited, shallow promises made, tired slogans & Jai Hinds raised but the vibrant spirit of India, her awakening strength - Bharata Shakti - her new found dynamism, her age old vision rooted in her deeper dharma & knowledge were not given expression to. That most of our leaders live just on the surface mind, that they are at the end of their energies & are incapable of establishing a deeper bond with the soul of India which is seeking to find a renewed utterance was evident from all that went in the name of celebrations yesterday.
But, from this year onwards, let us put behind all weak lamentations, all helpless cursing, let us realise that a greater force has again begun shaping the destiny of this mighty nation, it is awakening the 'people's power', it is raising whirlwinds of change which shall have the power to sweep aside all resistance be they from pygmies or giants & amidst all these churnings is dawning the moment - the moment of the realisation of that greater mission for which India was liberated & this moment is bound to be Sri Aurobindo's moment in the nation & in the world. The earlier we realise this, the faster we can dedicate ourselves to that mission & put ourselves on the side of the 'winds of change'. What leaders say & do then shall begin to matter less & less! August 16, 2007 10:50 AM

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