Monday, August 20, 2007

The Message gives a deeper identity to the country & bestows upon it a global mission

Anirban said...
Tusarji, I wanted to comment on this post much earlier, in fact when I read it I was thrilled because what you have expressed is what all Savitri Erans feel & it is one issue which unites them immediately. The Mother has often said that to discover the way forward for the country & the world His Message of Aug 15th 1947 must be indeed read & re-read by all & it is as you have rightly described a 'grand manifesto' for India & future humanity.
The light expressed in that Message has the widest embrace & the greatest uniting strength. It gives a deeper identity to the country & bestows upon it a global mission rarely given to any other nation upon earth & that is a tremendous soft-power & the necessity of its use in international relations today by India is acute. In the growing days of liberation India had managed to develop another kind of soft-power & used it to attain some heights of moral force in international politics, it came crashing down after the 1962 debacle. But the soft power you speak of is, in my opinion, deeper, wider & more lasting because it is based on a unique spiritual vision which can outlast all onslaughts. Let's hope that The Master's Message of 15th Aug is re-looked at from a deeper understanding by all.
That the present generation know nothing much about Sri Aurobindo is because of the 'conspiracy of silence' around him initiated by various motivated groups, as deftly pointed out by Dr. Nadkarni in one of his articles. The Savitri Era Party must take this issue head on & work towards dispelling that ignorance & thereby effectively protect the future generation against attacks of cynicism, divisiveness & mis-placed activism & give rise in them the capacity for a more enduring & deeper identification with the Nation & the World. 10:13 AM

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