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The white fire of spirit will rise up some day from the smouldering heaps of discarded religions

India Won Freedom Aju Mukhopadhyay
What type of Freedom India won, how the country progressed and what is our expectations. 17 Aug 07 07:55:20 AM - 4 Views
During the Swadeshi movement period a poet from Bengal wrote, even the uncivilized, even China and Japan, has risen up while India only sleeps. Pundit Nehru’s opening speech, India’s tryst with destiny, in the parliament of free India, ‘At the stroke of midnight hour when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom’, seems to be literal only. About that moment he said, ‘It comes but rarely in history . . . when the soul of a nation . . . finds utterance.’
Sri Aurobindo in his Freedom Message to the All India Radio, Tiruchirapally, on that day expressed happiness that India finally became free on his birthday, taking it as a seal and sanction of the divine for the work with which he started his revolutionary career, but added, ‘. . . but she has not achieved unity.’ Freedom of united India was his first dream along with four others. Resurgence of Asia, World-Union, bestowal of spiritual gift of India to the world and evolution of human consciousness for individual and social perfection were the other dreams.
Did Nehru unconsciously give a reply to the lamentation of the Bengal poet? Did he, otherwise not so concerned about matters spiritual, refer to the soul of India unconsciously? But here lies the point of solution for India is a spiritual country and the Mother of Pondicherry thought that India is the spiritual Guru of the world.
Realising his political failure, Gandhiji, who some hail as the sole harbinger of freedom through his non-violent movement, was conspicuously absent from the scene of jubilation up to his last day. India got such freedom through communal blood-bath, by violent methods. ‘Quite India’ became non-violent movement, so was naval revolt, Subhas Chandra Bose with his Azad Hind force and non-cooperation by the Indian army, etc. contributed force to Gandhi, to finally achieve freedom. The situation was such that the British had no way but to give independence to India. They had their internal trouble too.They thought it dangerous to carry on further. It was never that the non-violent movement brought a soul-change in them to surrender.
India’s industrial revolution has been progressing at the cost of the farmers and our age-old agriculture to satisfy the profiteering motive of the industrialists and business community, whom the communists too welcome though it is their theory that a capitalist makes profit at the cost of labourers. The whole of India has become corrupt at the hands of politicians and opportunists. All big media are their friends. Tourism progresses at the cost of Mother Nature. Scientific progress brings Global Warming, invites Climate Change. Speaking about the Wildlife, Ullas Karanth writes, ‘Roads, reservoirs, canals, mines and industrial projects- temples of Jawaharlal Nehru’s modern India- devastated what remained.’ Ashish Kothari writes, ‘We are here today, on one of the steepest descending curves of the environmental roller-coaster ride we have been on since independence.’ (Both in The Hindu of 15.8.2007)
India is a very old civilisation. The whole of its spiritual past remains in Indian psyche. An Indian is modern and ancient. He knows that everything is temporary. ‘The most well-adjusted and harmonious schizophrenics in the world’, says Pavan K. Varma of ICCR. Caste system is still prevalent but they know the fake side of it.
The spiritual guide is extending its helping-hand. Farmers in the field, fishermen in the coastal areas, environmentalists and honest people are rising up everywhere. The white fire of spirit will rise up some day from the smouldering heaps of discarded religions to make India really free, help the world to wake up to heaven. Sri Aurobindo did not give any time frame. 615 words © Aju Mukhopadhyay, 2007

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