Tuesday, August 14, 2007

India did not yet accept Sri Aurobindo, and as long as it will go this way, She will suffer

Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (2)
by Vladimir on Sun 12 Aug 2007 11:30 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Thank you, Debashish, for this clarity. Though the words sound the same the meaning they convey is quite different, or rather consciousness which they represent is different. Sri Aurobindo’s views may seem very similar to the already known, one can try to see his teaching as another darshana, for the words are similar, but his consciousness is not so easy to grasp. It takes time to build up his integral understanding and to identify with his consciousness. That’s why one should not in a hurry use his name and his writings to justify ones own views, but rather dare to study his great Integral Yoga, the gift he has left for India and the world. India did not yet accept Sri Aurobindo, and as long as it will go this way, She will suffer the consequences of ignorance and division.
by Rich on Mon 13 Aug 2007 04:02 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
The sanatan dharma however is an ever-present quality that expresses itself through each individual instance of it authentically bodying forth in the world. While the forms of Hinduism may change over time the sanatan dharma is ever present. Even if the forms and institutions of Hinduism hybridize to integrate in novel ways with an emerging planetary culture, even if its vocabulary morphs new meanings in the regime of techno-capitalism ( in which Avatars become mere personal digital representations) the essence of sanatan dharma will remain ever-present as long as we cultivate an authentic way to express it. Although the phenomena of Hinduism in its “exoteric” form of institutionalized religion on the subcontinent may surely change its “esoteric” dimensions will remain beyond the reach of secularism, jihadism or globalization.
To give another personal analogy although my Mother has just passed away and her form has changed, an any given moment I can still sense that presence which is authentic to the mother/child relationship. Similarly, although the forms of the Divine Mother may evolve into a multitude of forms beyond our current comprehension, the timeless quality of her compassion descending into us will express the continuity of her presence in Time.
To use a more tragic example of a culture whose continuity is still intact even though it has experienced the destruction of her exoteric forms on could point to Tibet.: Although the Chinese have almost systematically destroyed the institutions of Tibetan culture and killed or exiled a quarter of her population they can not destroy the authentic “Sangha”, they can not obliterate Tibetan Buddhism because what the Buddha taught has no body only a soul or spirit. The forms of Tibetan Buddhism may have changed - e.g. one may find its expression through Hollywood movies- but, its ever-present truth, as long as there are those who seek to authentically embody it, will never perish. rc

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  1. Tusarji, I think Vladimir has made a very poignant observation here & one which we all need to deeply reflect upon on the eve of the 15th of August. The growth of a deeper perception, intuition is necessary to attempt to identify what Sri Aurobindo would have said in a particular situation especially if the situation & circumstance happens to evolve & exist in the present time. For this deeper perception to grow one has to immerse oneself in a constant, dynamic & daring study of His integral works & thereby develop an integral understanding of His Integral Vision- i may say that at the personal individual level this is the work to be done - kartavyam karma - it is absolutely indispensible for all those who want not only to live the life enjoined by the Integral Yoga but also in that light to work for the nation.
    The most touching, striking & rattling observation is that of India's continuing unacceptance of Sri Aurobindo & His Integral Vision - as a result the continuing iron grip of division & ignorance in all walks of our national life. It is true & the resistance is mighty though naturally not invincible. No power can withstand utlimately the Truth of His Yoga-Shakti.
    The inner-spirit, the soul of this country, whatever little we may feel of it has, in my view, certainly accepted & absorbed this deeper truth of The Master's Vision but its transfer to the surface consciousness has not yet happened that effectively - lack of receptivity, lack of depth, too much outward living, lack of understanding amongst policy-makers & leaders may be some of the explanations that can be given & there may be other deeper reasons, for the moment beyond the grasp of the mind.
    I believe one work for all Savitri Erans, before which all else has to be sacrificed & given secondary importance, is this task of making India turn more & more towards accepting the gift He has left for her, it is also the principle task to which the Savitri Era Party must pledge itself.By that way i believe lies our national salvation - a national atmasamarpana to the Master's Vision is required & it is only from there that the nation shall receive the supreme assurance for complete deliverance - that is the only way there is no other.