Sunday, July 22, 2007

Auroville is the greatest opportunity for the human spirit to collectively progress and aspire for the divine Truth

An Eternal Dream by Arun Vaidya Published in Mother India, June 2007, pp 440-446. by RY Deshpande on Sun 22 Jul 2007 04:12 AM PDT Permanent Link
Maybe the first step of unity of humanity begins with the spiritual union of the two creations of the Mother: Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville where the Dream of the Mother finds its roots. In 1347 B.C., Akhnaton’s ideal was willfully destroyed and his dream city was reduced to rubble by an army general who revived and reverted to the past traditions. One of the four “Matter Forces” as characterized by Sri Aurobindo—Affinity to the Laws of Past (Dragon) prevailed once again!
The question remains, would we at this time rise above our petty selves and meet the challenge of the time to be worthy of the “Hour of the God”? Would the silent majority remain silent for ever in the cozy comfort of as is – this time the Eternal Inertia (Rock), one of the four “Matter Forces” as characterized by Sri Aurobindo or would it actively invoke the “Mother of Radiance” and seek transformation of itself and collective consciousness to collaborate and hasten the success of the divine plan? “You say Auroville is a dream. Yes, it is a ‘dream’ of the Lord and generally these ‘dreams’ turn out to be true—much more than the human so-called realities.[9]

A human frailty may surface here and there in this grand transformational process, creating its own challenges and delaying the rate of spiritual progress. But the march continues steadily even if slowly, towards the objective of unification of spirit and its realisation in collective endeavors and community dwelling for the harmony to prevail. After all, the direct and indirect participants of Auroville do represent humanity at large, which is even now far from being perfect and still struggling to establish harmony within to manifest it in the collective domain.
If humanity were more open to the Divine Consciousness, more willing to adhere to the principles of Integral Yoga, and more ready and willing to follow the light of the Supramental Truth then maybe all the direct and indirect participants as affiliates, associates and well-wishers of Auroville would be better instruments and workers of the Divine. If it were the case then the Auroville work could have progressed faster; and time, talent, and resources deployed would have found a greater level of success in reflecting the manifestation of Bliss, Beauty, and Truth.
Auroville is a great reminder that the fault lies not with the circumstances and somewhere outside but within all of us around the world. Auroville is the greatest opportunity for the human spirit to collectively progress and aspire for the divine Truth. It provides an uncommon opportunity to experience that aspiration; and above all, it demonstrates the descent and functioning of the Supreme’s light to enable us to work collectively to collaborate and to live collectively in harmony with accentuated individuality. Auroville still remains the vibrant symbol of mankind’s hope and aspiration for the future. All the participants and supporters of Auroville in their respective roles from around the world are the harbingers of the new dawn of our civilisation.

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