Sunday, July 22, 2007

This would be a giant leap in the functioning & growth of Auroville

Anirban said...
Tusarji, a very unique observation indeed & one which i believe must be seriously considered by all those who are at the helm of affairs in Auroville & the GOI. The case is clearly stated a resident of Auroville must become the President of the international township & she/he can be elected by the residents themselves. The GOI can appoint a resident-commissioner to liaise with it. The powers & role of the president must be clearly defined & demarcated & the residents assembly empowered to truly assist in governance.
This would be a giant leap in the functioning & growth of Auroville & start a new phase of experimentation in governance, government,representation & international cooperation & unity. This would also have an immensely symbolic value for the vision of Human Unity as seen by The Master & implemented by The Mother. Those living outside Auroville can never effectively appreciate its particular problems & conditions & thus are in no position to offer advise from their place on the board. The Govt. always bureaucratises & that is surely not healthy for an experiment like Auroville which needs great autonomy & unique systems to assist its growth.
I think all Savitri Erans who feel close to the Auroville experiment must seriously consider this issue. The President may be from any country but must be an accepted member of Auroville with proven credentials of service & dedication. After all India has always been open to new thoughts & experiments, haven't we accepted an Italian - turned Indian citizen as the Chairperson of the ruling coalition & once as Leader of opposition in Parliament?
I believe an Aurovillian as Auroville President is bound to be an eventual imperative need for the unhindered furtherance of the experiment. Let's begin working at it. 1:23 PM

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