Sunday, July 22, 2007

Man does live neither for the comfort nor for the pleasures of life only

Re: In search of Integral Education Paradigm: Chaturvarnya, the concept of 'integral man'. by Vladimir
by Vladimir on Fri 20 Jul 2007 03:01 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link The reapplication of chaturvarnya concept to the individual education will automatically rectify the right hierarchy of consciousness within the society, and will bring the authority of the Spirit back to men, which is now completely distorted and misrepresented by a total domination of economic considerations of “economic men”, which according to Sri Aurobindo, when exclusively focused upon, create a kind of modern barbarism. Man does live neither for the comfort nor for the pleasures of life only. He is here to do a Work for the Spirit, to grow into the Spirit. To give him all the possibilities for his growth and development will be an honorary duty of the future society.
Reply by Rich on Sat 21 Jul 2007 11:24 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link Agreed that economic barbarism currently serves as the dominant paradigm of Social life. I also agree about the idea of work for the spirit and also heartily endorse the training program you suggest.
My questions however concern the application of an neo-chaturvarnya ideal which may have been expressed either in/or prior to a what Sri Aurobindo calls a Typal society in a fragmented age in which the socio/economic demands lean overwhelmingly toward specialization. Even if one adopts this methodology in a privileged community, the centrifugal forces behind the technological imperative which drive the World economy will still pull the community into a dialectic with the larger society and require the energy to specialize in particular fields (information, communication, transportation, medicine) which will be necessary to integrate into the community.
Since the time consumed in focusing on specializing in any field is rapidly accelerating -at the pace of the exponential growth of technology-, what are the dynamics need to harmonize specialized with integral education? rich

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