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The Lord of Nations must be conquered

Re: 17: An Ardent Prayer by RY Deshpande
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The Mother knew even in her early days of occult pursuit that the Lord of Nations must be conquered if there has to be a radical change in the evolutionary course. In her dream she sees a much greater danger, coming from the Terror let loose by him, the real Terror no human agency can tackle, withstand, a Terror that only the super-Durga in her all-winning golden strength can slay. In it the Mother had already exercised her greater will by making the Asura's bride-to-be drink the glass full of human blood, by telling her that it contained nothing but pure water. The Asura did not understand her language and she made him shut. That itself is a great victory. What fearlessness!
But the scene changed and a greater darkness assumed a yet darker figure. If only the Terror could touch the Mother's breast, and all would be undone; the world would collapse. But at the precise moment something else happened and the Terror was vanquished. The hand that intercepted between the Mother and the Terror was no doubt the Asura's but he was not even aware of his own movement; nor did he realise the serious consequences to himself, consequences that would ensue from this inadvertent act of his to him, in his destruction. There was Somebody yet behind them who took charge of the situation and the calamity was averted.
She saw this Somebody sitting on the throne and it is to Him that the Mother offered her thanks. It looks as though the Lord of Nations himself became instrumental in overcoming the great danger that was otherwise going to occur, to everybody, including himself. He became that Somebody's instrument in the great act. The Mother recognised the one who sat on the throne and did homage to His power. Surely, this does not imply the Lord of Nations, she was not paying homage to the Lord of Nations, but to the supreme Lord himself. And let us remember when this happened.
This happened in Pondicherry and Sri Aurobindo’s physical presence provided the full protection to the Mother. She was living in it and in it she could go even to the darkest region without fear,—because he was always there. RYD

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  1. After Nazism & Hitler, after the Cold War & Stalin, international terrorism is the latest instrument of the Lord of Nations. India, because she has the greatest possibility of working out the problems of mankind & showing the way towards a greater future is facing one of the severest onslaughts. Savitri Erans must come out openly against this instrument of evil, must openly & resolutely confront this latest move by the Lord of the Nations to divide & dominate the world. The struggle has now enterd the next phase & we must be alert & active.