Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There are people who want to use Sri Aurobindo rather than live in the truth he is revealing

Re: What is Hindutva? Quest for God by Vladimir on Mon 23 Jul 2007 10:59 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Sanatana Dharma is an establishment of the ancient Knowledge, which answers why we are here and what this Creation is about. All what you say about Hinduism, Mr. Yeshwant Sane, is true but when you apply it politically as “the Hindutva concept” it somehow looses its truth, because then we don't need to be actually true anymore, for presumably we are already true, we don't need to know anymore because we presumably already know, by the very status of this Hindutva. The very characteristic of profound Vedic and Vedantic Knowledge does not permit such an application. It has to be lived and experienced inwardly in our daily life; and once it is lived and experienced it leads to the expression of enormous compassion and love towards all creatures, with deep understanding of their struggle towards the Truth and Perfection. Sincerity, humility, gratitude, tolerance, goodness, generosity, peace are the natural outcomes of such an experience and has nothing to do with aggressive political slogans made for some against the others. Hinduism conquers without battles, unnoticed, by its true values and qualities. It does not need a proclamation of its truthfulness, for then it can be questioned and must be proved, it needs to be true.
Re: What is Hindutva? The Eternal Word by RY Deshpande on Tue 24 Jul 2007 01:43 AM PDT Profile Permanent Link
Thanks, Vladimir. The rest is promotionalism and politics. That interests me the least. There are people who want to use Sri Aurobindo rather than live in the truth he is revealing. RYD

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