Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The real sense of manifestation means the individual expressing his own distinctive quality

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But perhaps what we most discern in this entire affair is, the individual’s free-will that can new-shape time and destiny and providence. The transcendental Truth-Will is for a transcendental action which could also be in relationship with the universal and the individual actions, their wills being influenced by or aligned to that Will. But the sheer beauty is, that of the individual or universal wills identifying themselves with the transcendental Will, in which even the individual and universal wills can acquire or gain a kind of independence, can have their own truth-characters, express themselves in their own true swabhāva and swadharma.
The individual’s true potential, the authentic human potential, lies in it and it is that which must be developed; true individuality, man’s true manhood is in this development of the will in the truth of the things. In fact, the real sense of manifestation means the individual expressing his own distinctive quality. Aswapati willing something different than what was received by him as an injunction is the beginning of that individualised marvel, that which will lead the manifestive evolution in its truth-sense.
This capacity even to will differently, will in the truth-force of his soul, he acquired by doing the austere Yoga of Self-Perfection. None can grow into that merit, into that worth without doing the Yoga of Self-Perfection. When one does it, one gets the true freedom for willing and action. Aswapati’s is the lone solitary example in the evolutionary possibility, evolutionary unfoldment to exercise his own will, the will of his spirit and his soul. And this is well respected, the individuality of the individual, in fact this alone will be well respected, it also being of the nature of the dynamic Truth-Will itself. RYD

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