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We should remember Sri Aurobindo was an activist in all respects

by Yeshwant Sane on Sat 21 Jul 2007 07:42 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
What is the reality? If my information is right, have we not come to the situation, where the Central Government of India intervenes and steps in and takes over the charge of management of the 'spot'? This again is an intervention on the erroneous interpretation of the concepts 'Secular' and 'Religious or Spiritual.' The contemporary rulers of the Nation (and for that reason any Social, political Governments and the judiciary in the World.) have no clarity about the Concept "Spirituality" as spelt out by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother or by The Vedas. How should the society get round to this difficulty? We have Theory, but the situation demands praxis.
Does it not call for a movement to bring about a transformation of the Societies/Nations at the 'real mundane level' in the World? Does it not warrant some form of an active movement at the social level? Are we interested in turning out essentially an Intellectual debate and rest at that? We should remember Sri Aurobindo was an activist in all respects. Pondicherry is essentially a Spiritual Laboratory. Its wisdom and light has to overspill and enrich the outside World, as envisaged in an Integral fashion? We are in an urgent need of an efficient 'Social Instrument and activity' on that field (i.e. the field of the 'Kurukhetra' of Bhagvad Gita) to spell out a dynamic and evolving movement in the true Spiritual Scientific sense. It is not only the individual but the entire Society has to be taken up and involved, right from its materialist and relative Inconscient state. Lord Krishna also required Arjuna as an individual soul or instrument to engage into 'a DharmaYuddha' on the Dharma Kshetra and for the Physical interpretation and translation of the Spiritual Wisdom and Light in the mundane World. This is inescapable. What is the instrument for this?
Therefore, we come to the practical situation, where actual management of the society and its physical life and resources are in the ignorant hands unsuitable for such a spiritual work. At this time of history it is in the hands of "a so called Democratic and Secular National Government", which appears to be inactive, insensitive or directly obstructs the Transformation motives throughout.
Does it satisfy the spiritual requirements for social instrumental criteria stated above? More importantly, the entire humanity waiting for the "Dawn or the Usha" or the rise and flowering of the Spiritual Consciousness "Here and Now" on this sacred Earth, (as spelt out in Rig Veda (I.113.8.19) Rishi Kutsa Angirasa, and described as "The Human Aspiration" by Sri. Aurobindo in Chapter 1 of "The Life Divine ". Is it likely to be realised in the present environmental umbrella of the Secular Democratic 'Political or materialistically' motivated present day Governments, who are actively engaged in destroying the existing spiritually motivated structures? We cannot ignore its negative effects.
We have to perforce think about an appropriate social comprehensive instrument to spring forth on the Earth, anywhere on its geography, and undertake the struggle on the material physical level as well. No doubt, it will be inspired and guided from the " propitious spot" though physically and geographically situated in India or anywhere in the World.
Next, which is 'the specific society' that is envisaged by the critics while objecting to Hindus, and which society is waiting around the corner to become a willing instrument for this task? We cannot avoid this question or leave it solely to the appearance of an 'Avatar’ and do nothing!
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