Thursday, July 19, 2007

Those who have no knowledge of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother have to step aside from the board

Anirban said...
Tusarji, it has been a national experience of the last 60 years that wherever the Govt has intervened there it has spoilt/retarded/distorted/messed the work or experiment. Therefore Mother was categorical that the Centre of Education at Pondicherry remain autonomous & free from Govt control.
A case in point of how things get corroded over a period of time is the example of Tagore's Visva-Bharati, an institution founded with one of the loftiest visions of educating man for a greater future. Today the whole institution stands practically bereft of that lofty ideal & is gradually being smothered & choked by red tapism, undue interference & politicisation. That the Nobel medal has not yet been retrieved speaks volumes of the actual ground reality of the whole institution.
We, pray that the same fate does not befall Auroville. Govt intervention was probably needed at a period of time to save the experiment from early death, but now it is degenerating into interventionism which if allowed to coninue unchecked shall prove to be highly detrimental. A mechanism has to be developed whereby Auroville is allowed to function independently as an unique national/international experiment & where the Govt. pledges itself to assist constructively as & when asked of it.
Otherwise no free growth & flowering of this experiment is possible. Moreover it has to be accepted that ground realities today greatly vary from those of the 70s. As to your remark that those who have no knowledge of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother have to step aside from the board one cannot but heartily thump it, what can a non-Sri Aurobindonean do to further the Mother's vision of Human Unity? 10:02 AM

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