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Else Bengal would have had a different history

Sri Aurobindo One of the early freedom fighters
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The dawn of the 20th century marked the beginning of a thirst for freedom in the minds of Indians.The partition of Bengal in 1905 by the ruling British government exposed their wicked intentions towards India and spurred Indians towards self government.
Aurobindo Ghosh was the son of a doctor who lived in Britain and wanted his son to adopt the lifestyle of an Englishman.He learnt the classical languages of Europe viz. Greek and London.But in the wake of the partition of Bengal he became the leading light of extremist nationalisats who wanted to take up arms against the foreign rulers to drive them out of India.He started a revolutionary movement called Yugaantha and a journal in Bengali language called Bande Maatharam and led the movement during 1905-1912.His house was raided after the bomb blast in Alipore in 1908 and was then incarcerated by the British.
He served as a teacher in Baroda for some time and during this period learnt yoga from Prof.VishNu Bhaaskar.This enabled him to transform himself into a spiritual leader soon after his escape into Pondicheri which was under the French.He started an aaSram there in 1910.The country secured independence on 15 August which is also his birthday.
He provided refuge to many a nationalist leader and freedom fighter who was fleeing from the ruthless and relentless pursuit of the British authorities. Leave a comment Comments (1) Perma link Email this post
maddss123 comments: on 26 Jul 07 22:57:00 PM
The turning point as you pointed out was 1905, when Bengal was divided to make Bengali Hindu a minority in both parts by lord cruzon, and the next 10 years changed the entire political scene in India, Shri Aurobindo may have shifted after the trials and became a monk and did help many a freedom fighters, but the core leadership of awakened Hindu's was lost for ever, most of the reforms and assertiveness originated in Bengal.....see the same place has given up its core stand on nationalism .....and adopted Communism......what I am stating is the leadership of nationalist Hindu's gave up struggle so soon, or else Bengal would have had a different history and as a country we would have benefited.
Some of my close friends are devotees of Mother, one of them have dedicated their only child to the Ashram. Regards

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