Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A new political culture must be completely free of old ties, old thoughts, old bindings, old views & divisive tendencies

Anirban said...
Tusarji, I feel you have admirably stated what a party working for the future should have as ideals & anchors. Religion, culture & politics are essential components for effectuating any national resurgence, but they acquire an altogether new dimension when penetrated with the synthetic & evolutive vision of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother & thus develop the capacity of bringing about radical changes.
A new political culture must be completely free of old ties, old thoughts, old bindings & old views & divisive tendencies, it has to derive its energies from the fresh air of new thought & vision & as we realise it is The Master & The Mother who provide that. I wholly agree with you on the scriptures of the new age & the idea of The Human Cycle & IHU being the instruments for practical guidelines, in fact the latters are blue prints to a future world order & i believe it is India's destiny to bring that about.
As to the inspiration from other texts they ought to be accepted as long as they are positive & evolving & give a direction towards a future harmonious order of things & existence. Any new movement in the light of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother can have no past/present bindings of the old order, therefore i feel you are right when you point out that we are not bound by any scripture, any text, any religion but are bound completely & integrally to the vision of our Master & The Mother & in that light we strive for a new political culture & eventual systemic change. 2:03 PM

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