Thursday, July 26, 2007

Build anew a nation in strength, harmony, unity & Truth

Anirban said...
Tusarji, rightly said, yes, the churning is indeed going on at all levels & fast. A rapid amount of restructuring & rejection is taking place & the political awareness of the masses is generally on the rise, it is to this awareness that a Savitri Era Party can offer a new culture of politics, Sri Aurobindo's call for unity & concerted action towards a new India is dynamically relevant at this moment of time. We are hurtling towards the future & all that which cannot keep pace with that momentum is tending to becoming obsolete.
A vision of unity, an unity of self, an unity among selves, an unity among castes, creeds, religions, beliefs, systems, views & regions, an unity in the country & an unity eventually among countries is what a Savitri Era Party must strive to acheive. In an age where fragmentation seems to be the only mode of expansion a party that calls for unity first, overriding all attempts at splintering, can really strike a chord.
A Savitri Era Party which seeks to do this is thus the need of the hour - it may be named the Unity Party - & The Masters' Words are there to light the agni of the new revolution & announce a new age of fire - agni-yuga - a fire of sacrifice where we decide to offer all pettiness, all parochialism, all divisions, all hatred, insincerity etc. & build anew a nation in strength, harmony, unity & Truth. This may sound odd at this period of our national existence but it is the only way out. In Sri Aurobindo's words,
"low-pitched and narrow ideals, small hopes and aims, petty caution and cowardice as well as short-sighted, faint-hearted leadership - all these palrty things can never be the right materials for building the strength of a nation. No people has ever risen to the heights of greatness equipped with such poor materials. Our politicians should always should always keep in mind the saying from the Mahabharata: niriho nasnute mahat, "The unaspiring shall never enjoy greatness."
Let our politicians forget this today, the majority among them aspire only for self-greatness-aggrandisement, but it is the people who must rememeber this most, a Savitri Era Party must work towards first raising this aspiration for greatness in all & define 'a large & noble political ideal' for national resurgence only then will true greatness start dawning on this nation & a new dircetion be taken. 2:34 PM

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