Friday, July 27, 2007

The supremacy of Vedic Knowledge should not be mixed into political issues

Re: What is Hindutva? Known-Knower-Knowledge
by Vladimir on Thu 26 Jul 2007 08:33 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
One cannot defend the truth by the means other than the truth; in principle the very means used to reach a particular goal define the very nature of that goal. One cannot arrive at truth, for instance, by the means of falsehood. The idea of Hinduism (=? Hindutva) as ‘a small segment of human life struggling to preserve its possessions of Spiritual knowledge and practice” for itself, and that “it should be entitled for defense” is not appealing to me at all. Hinduism, in my view, lives in its grand Knowledge, Veda, which was preserved for the purpose of transformation of life on earth and no less than that. It does not belong to itself but to the whole world.
If you speak about people and their religious customs and culture in different regions of India today, then yes they should be entitled for defending themselves and their religion and culture, according with the norms of human rights. There is no doubt about that. But it is altogether another issue: social and political rather than philosophical and Spiritual. The supremacy of Vedic Knowledge should not be mixed into political issues.
Regarding your view “that we should not confuse idealism and practice” I can not agree with you. To be sincere and truthful, for instance, in word, action and thought, is practically the most difficult thing to do, for it requires not only the Knowledge, but also Strength and Courage of the Divine Kshatriya to withstand the attacks of evil. Kurukshetra is an inner war, where the forces of evil and the forces of light clash within a man fighting “for his soul as for a costly prize.” (Savitri, p. 30) The victory is to be won within. The outer life only reflects our inner battle and will eventually reflect our inner victory. Reply Science, Culture and Integral Yoga

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